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Virtual Lessons

Now offering Virtual Lessons which will be conducted remotely with our Coach Kick Elite Specialists team.  

What we need from you

Field Goals & Kickoffs:

  • ​9 total clips for Field Goals and 9 total clips for Kickoffs:

    • 3 from the back 

    • 3 from the front  

    • 3 from a 45 angle (Same angle as the ball and the kicker (the starting point and the ball can be seen in the same clip)).


  • 9 total punt clips:

    • 3 from the back,

    • 3 from the front 

    • 3 from the side


  • Take all 27 clips,

  • Crop them together into a one clip (use iMovie or other similar apps).


Click the "SUBMIT" button below and lets start the process of getting better kick by kick!

What to expect after signing up: 

  • We will contact you to set up a phone call that will last anywhere from 50-70 mins.

  • We will be using a special application to demonstrate in slow motion the analysis we have conducted from your video.

  • Answer any question you or your parents may have to help you get to the next level! 

Video Call Length: 50-70 minutes

Cost: $60

Payment: E-mail Transfer 

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